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Paul Kalinine :

“The untamed grandeur of Possessed reaches the most bitter pages of Wuthering Heights, and their unremitting and ethereal imagination recall the Manuscript Found in Saragossa
—Paul Kalinine, Preface to the French translation of Possessed, Ed. Stock, 1977 [Trans. Dubowski] 
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Picture by Wiesław Walkuski.

Constantin Jelenski :

“Possessed reveals another framework, maybe in spite of the author, made of correspondences and signs and of intuitions at the limits of the physical and the psychic. We already find right away the young couple whose grace defuses monstrosity (for grace and crime are tied) and who will live forever in Gombrowicz’s work. Yes, all the ingredients of his work are there, however scattered. He will only need to make them play in a wise mechanism to reach the construction of these ‘infernal machines’ that Sartre hailed in Gombrowicz’s later novels.”
—Konstanty “Kot” Jeleński, La Quinzaine Littéraire, March 15, 1978 [Trans. Dubowski]
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The novel Possessed adapted for the stage by Adriano Shaplin, for the Philadelphian Pig Iron Theater Company, under the title Hell Meets Henry Halfway (2003).

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